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Your SADC Pontiac Community Futures Development Corporation works with business, industry and local communities to help create local employment, to support economic growth and to encourage business development.

Our team of professionals are highly experienced in community development, finance, business marketing and management.

SADCs are the best help for businesses

A fifth study from Statistics Canada reaffirms that SADCs and CAEs propel businesses

Québec, February 4, 2016 – Businesses that work with SADCs or CAEs in Quebec have better survival rates, create many more jobs, and more rapidly increase their payroll and sales, even during periods of economic crisis. This is confirmed by the fifth study from Statistics Canada on the performance of the Community Futures Program (CFP), delivered by SADCs and CAEs in Quebec.

Daniel Dumas, President of the Réseau des SADC et CAE, is proud of the consistency of the results: “The data shows that our organizations improve business performance. Personalized and professional support from SADC and CAE professionals, combined with financing, encourages the development of strong and sustainable businesses in Quebec’s regions and, as a result, creates jobs.”

Several entrepreneurs testify to the importance of SADCs or CAEs in the success of their projects. One of them is Matthieu Girard, owner of the computer service business MJS Inc., from Saint-Hilarion: “The SADC Charlevoix, Côte-de-Beaupré, Île-d’Orléans enabled us to double our sales. SADCs are the best help for businesses. They help entrepreneurs set their ideas in motion, create high-quality jobs and be much more competitive.”

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Upcoming Events

SADC Pontiac, your business centre, would like thank you for the opportunity to have worked with you for the past 30 years.


Making Sales Easy and Fun 

with Majeed Morgharreban www.majeedm.com

Do you consider yourself a full-time, professional sales person? If you said “No”, you may be in trouble. We are all in sales, all the time. Sales is helping people make good decisions that are good for them. Sales is the application of communication and psychology. Understanding what makes people buy, and how to help them make good decisions, is the most important factor to success in your business. Majeed will teach you simple principles, strategies, and techniques to attract more buyers through better communication and better understanding of human psychology.


You will learn:

How to build relationships and trust at every single touch point

How to use questions to guide the buyers mind through pain and pleasure motivators to buy

How to overcome objections with Emotional Reasons to Buy Now (ERBN) and Logical Reasons to Buy Now (LRBN)

The 5 “Why Buy?” questions your prospects are asking, whether you know it or not


DATE: March 6th, 2017 –  9:00am – 4:00pm (Pre register 8:30am)
LOCATION: Pontiac Conference Centre, 204 rue Principale Fort-Coulonge
COST: $20 lunch included
Registration: Amy Taylor amy.taylor@sadcpontiac.ca
1-844-648-2186 | 819-648-2186



Take Back Your Time -A Time Management Training Workshop 

with Majeed Morgharreban www.majeedm.com

Your most valuable asset is your time, period. So how can you make the most of it? Why is it that some people can get so much done in a day while others fret and stress about a pile of work on their desk and never seem to get much done? The answer is time management skills. How would it feel to be in control of your with a clear plan of action? How would it feel to see clear progress in getting things done.

You will learn:

A simple, repeatable system to gain control of any project

Easy to implement methods for goal setting and clarifying action items

Tips and tricks to effectively delegate tasks

Key phrases to communicate objectives and clarify desired outcomes


DATE: March 22nd, 2017 –  9:00am – 4:00pm (Pre-register 8:30am)
LOCATION: The Old Depot, 475 Prince-Arthur Street, Otter Lake
COST: $20 lunch included
Registration: Amy Taylor amy.taylor@sadcpontiac.ca
1-844-648-2186 | 819-648-2186


Trainings in partneship with Emploi Québec