World Agritourism Day

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WORLD AGRITOURISM DAY : Local Development Organizations Highlight The Growth Of Pontiac’s Agritourism Industry During World Agritourism Day.  

FORT-COULONGE (QC) May 16, 2023 –  Today, May 16th is recognized as World Agritourism Day. The Agritourism Platform and the Global Agritourism Network (GAN) are proud to host events to properly celebrate this anniversary. This year Agri Tourism Development Corporation (India) celebrate the 16th World Agritourism Day with a 2-day online International Conference on “Green Growth through Agritourism” at which Rhonda Perry, Director of SADC Pontiac and David Gillespie, local agricultural representative made a presentation on development of the future agritourism trail network.  

Our region prides itself on a rich and long-standing agricultural history.  This industry has evolved significantly in the past decade to not only continue and perfect traditional practices, but also innovate and expand our farms to now host a diverse agricultural offer which includes, hopyards, wineries, fiber farms as well as non-traditional herds such as lamas, yaks and ostrich.  It is through this development that agritourism has become a focus for the economic future of our region.    

The MRC Pontiac and SADC Pontiac are striving to support sustainable agritourism projects for the region such as the partnership for the agritourism trails with Ontario, New York and Vermont the economic benefits we see for rural regions developing and investing in their agritourism offer are numerous.  Agritourism is a catalyst to diversification and revitalization of communities, it fosters sustainable living and tourism as well as connects people to rural culture and traditions.   

Is it, therefore, with much enthusiasm and excitement, we wish you all a wonderful and productive World Agritourism Day.   

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  • Agri Tourism is a form of sound, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible tourism development which has the potential to contribute substantially to local socio-economic development and poverty reduction. Importantly, and with the right support and guidance, Agri Tourism can also contribute to the conservation and protection of natural, cultural and ethnical resources.  
  • AGRI TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (ATDC – Agri Tourism India) has focused on enhancement of local socio-economic development and poverty alleviation of rural and remote communities since early 2000s through Agri Tourism and community-based agritourism development. Agri Tourism projects have commenced under the ATDC’s guidance. Maharashtra is the first State in India to have a formal “Agri Tourism Policy in September, 2020” 
  • The overall theme for this conference of Green Growth through Agri Tourism is how development of agriculture and allied activities can be promoted through the development of Agri and Sustainable Tourism and how this can lead to diversification of local economies. This requires the involvement of a number of responsible key personnel with each playing their role and guided by sound development principles. 
    More information on the international conference available at  


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MRC Pontiac
Shanna Armstrong
Commissaire au développement économique
819-648-5689 poste 304

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