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Youth Business Loan2019-01-27T15:06:57+00:00


Loan Criteria

Young adults from 18 to 39 years of age

Interest free for the first 2 years.
It can create, purchase, expand or modernize a business.
A request to finance existing debt is not eligible.

The business project must create/maintain jobs and the proposal will demonstrate:

  • viability with potential for growth

  • innovation and not threaten the survival of another local business

  • personal and entrepreneurial qualities of the promoter

The promoter will also:

  • inject funds,

  • own and operate the business on the territory covered by the SADC Pontiac Community Futures investment funds,

  • benefit from the technical coaching and support follow-up services included,

  • provide personal guarantees,

  • additional elements may be required and will be discussed between the promoter and the advisor.

Loan Uses





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