More than just a business loan.

We focus our financial assistance on small businesses and provide our entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to foster growth and development.

Eligible projects.

Business categories and sectors that are already saturated locally will not be financed. Can be used to acquire, start up, expand or modernize a business. An application for financing for existing debt is not eligible.

Priority sectors:
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Information technology
  • Services and tourism
  • The business project must create/conserve jobs and the proposal must demonstrate
  • innovative and not a threat to another local business
  • viability and growth potential
  • the entrepreneurial and personal strengths of the promoter
The promoter must also:
  • Inject fund
  • own and operate the business in the SADC Pontiac territory
  • take advantage of free follow-up techniques and services
  • provide a personal guarantee
Le promoteur doit aussi:
  • investir des sommes d’argent
  • être propriétaire et exploiter l’entreprise sur le territoire de la SADC Pontiac
  • profiter des techniques et des services de suivi gratuits
  • fournir un cautionnement personnel
  • d’autres éléments peuvent être requis et feront l’objet de discussion entre le promoteur et la conseillère au besoin

Other elements may be required and will be discussed between the promoter and the advisor as needed.

We invest in businesses and projects that promote the economic vitality of our regions and create jobs. Our funds are managed by the community and the income generated by our funds is reinvested in other projects, creating ever more wealth locally.