About the SADC

SADC Pontiac is a Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) which is a non-profit organization funded primarily by Canada Economic Development. The SADC Pontiac works with local businesses, industry and communities to help create local jobs, support economic growth and encourage business development. The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors made up of nine (9) members with diverse skills from the various communities served by the SADC.

A word from the General Director.

Entrepreneurship is about seeing an opportunity and gathering the resources to turn it into reality. That’s what SADC Pontiac does best. Our role is to help Pontiac businesses achieve their goals, to become stronger and more profitable. We support SMEs with a combination of financing and consulting services that help our entrepreneurs reach the next stage of their development.

We have an excellent team of professionals who are motivated to adapt and innovate to continually meet the needs of our local business community. Our main goal for this three-year strategic plan is to create simple, fast and accessible development tools and resources for our entrepreneurs, which will help successfully re-launch the economy in this new post-pandemic reality.

As the region’s local economic development leader, we will do everything in our power to inspire and promote the sustainable development of our economy through our ongoing work with our partners and clients.

SADC Pontiac will focus on managing existing and new funds for local and start-up businesses with the support and guidance that will ensure long-term success. We will continue to improve our digital services and our digital security and prioritize the training and information our business community needs to develop their skills and businesses.

Our mission.

To provoke, stimulate and encourage the development of the Pontiac community through its participation in taking charge of their future.

Our vision.

SADC Pontiac is a business partner and an indispensable resource for successful economic development for the entrepreneur and the region.

Our values.

In its organizational culture, SADC Pontiac wants to develop attitudes and behaviours among its employees based on the following values:

Professional ethics
We are committed to achieving the organization’s mission and objectives while respecting the confidential nature of information.

Support for clients and partnersWe are committed to providing our clients and partners with professional, personalized support to meet their needs.

We strive for continuous improvement and are committed to the success of our organization.

Respect for individuals
We believe in collaboration, respect for others and open, transparent communication.

Each of us works hard to achieve common goals.