Much more than a loan for young entrepreneurs.

This form of financing has a leverage effect, which makes it easier to obtain additional financing from traditional financial institutions as a young business or entrepreneur, and is interest-free for the first 2 years.

Eligible projects.

Young entrepreneurs aged 18 to 39. Interest-free for the first 2 years. Can be used to acquire, set up, expand or modernize a business. Applications for finance against existing debt are not eligible.

The business project must create/conserve jobs and the proposal must demonstrate:
  • innovation and not pose a threat to another local business
  • viability and growth potential
  • the entrepreneurial and personal strengths of the promoter
The promoter must also:
  • inject funds
  • own and operate the business in the SADC Pontiac territory
  • take advantage of free follow-up techniques and services
  • provide a personal guarantee

Other elements may be required and will be discussed between the promoter and the advisor as needed.

Designed to finance:
  • Capital
  • Real estate
  • Start-up costs
  • Cash flow

We invest in businesses and projects that promote the economic vitality of our regions and create jobs. Our funds are managed by the community and the income generated by our funds is reinvested in other projects, creating ever more wealth locally.